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Blur Background Effects and filters

Blur Photo Editor

Utilize the best of blurring photo editors online and create a powerful depth of field with maximum adjustability. Using this Blur Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad, you can easily blur photo background, face, text, credit card, license plate or any unwanted object.

Blur out part of picture on iPhone
video blurring app for iPhone
Video Mosaic & Blur Background

Blur Video Editor

Discover the possibilities of movie editing with the best video blur app ever offered. Blur unwanted faces, moving objects, and sensitive parts seamlessly. This free video blurring and editing app simplifies the whole blurring process. It automatically hides faces or backgrounds in your videos with a few steps. You can obscure moving objects like license plate of your vehicle using keyframes as well.


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Frequently asked quetions

  1. Open the Blur Photo Editor.
  2. Take a snap or choose your image from the gallery.
  3. Select the blur brush and adjust the necessary size.
  4. Apply to your desired area.
  1. Open the Blur Photo Editor app and select your image.
  2. Apply the blur tool.
  3. Then go to filters and choose the Pixelate option.
  1. Launch the Blur Video Editor and select a video clip.
  2. Choose a blur effect and resize the brush.
  3. Apply on the desired parts of the videos.
  4. Export and save videos to your smartphone
  1. Record videos directly using the camera or select from the library.
  2. Choose from rectangular or circular blur shape.
  3. Drag and apply the shape on the desired face.
  4. When it’s placed, adjust the blurring strength with the slider.
  5. Export video in HD, FHD, or UHD format

The blog how to blur a face in a video on iPhone using the Blur video background app covers the full process. You can read out the that blog and understand the the thing better. 

  1. Open the blur video background app
  2. Select the video from the gallery
  3. Choose a rectangular blur shape and put it on the license plate
  4. Select the timeline
  5. Save the video

The blog on how to blur license plate in video on iPhone using the blur video background app covers all the key steps perfectly. So, you can read out the full blog and get some better knowledge. 

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